Sunday, 27 December 2009

27th December - Gym, then Jumper Dress

I was very virtuous and went to combat this morning. I was a bit concerned when there was only 3 people in class at 9.25, but by them time we started at 9.30 the class had miraculously filled up nicely!

Hoodie: Dorothy Perkins
Trousers: TKMaxx

This one of the potentially 2 "keepers" from the Next sale yesterday! It's not particuarly shapely, and perhaps might look better with a wide purple belt? But it is supremely comfy!

Dress: Next
Tights: Sainsburys


Tina said...

I think that it is very important to have some things that fall into the comfy category that aren't casual clothes. That way, when you are wanting to feel cozy and comfy but have to look presentable, you have some nice options. Not everything needs to be super-structured. So I say it's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tina, it is staying :-) and your comment puts into words exactly the reason for it, that I hadn't manage to articulate myself!