Monday, 28 December 2009

28th December - Sale Shopping, again!

Today Steve and Rhian were going to Basingstoke to the cinema to see Avatar, so Kira and I decided to hitch a lift and hit the shops!

Basingstoke was absolutely heaving, but I went knowing what I was looking for, and managed to tick the following off my "wish list":

A black smart jacket for work (to wear over the multitude of little dresses I now possess!),

A pair of mittens (gloves just aren't keeping my fingers warm at the moment!),

Jeans in the sale (I don't need jeans right now, but I've been wearing the same 2 bootleg pairs now for over a year, and they're bound to go at the knees soon, and it's silly not to buy Next Jeans when they're less than half price!)

A blue and white striped top, which will no doubt be making it's blog debut soon!

Today's top is the other "keep" item from the Boxing Day Next sale - it's an "all in one", with a woolly knitted waistcoat, and shirt tails, sleeves and a collar sewn on :-) The smartness of a shirt, with the comfort of a jumper - best of both worlds! I do feel it's a little bit long. I did have it on with leggings initally, but have decided that I'm too old and my legs are too skinny for leggings these days! (after seeing a bit of video Steve posted on twitter of me dancing to Boogie on the Wii! I looked like the old guy out of Steptoe and Son!)

Top and Jeans: Next
Boots: Barretts (and again, these were surprisingly comfy for 3 hours wandering around shops!)

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