Thursday, 31 December 2009

31st December - Day Time Mooching

Just spending today "Chillaxing" before tonights celebrations. We are off to our friends for a party, kids and everything :-) If it's as good as last year's we should have a blast. Still not decided what to wear though.....

Today's top is on I bought on my Sales shopping trip, but it wasn't in the sale! The small pictures blend the lines together and make my eyes go funny, which, I promise, doesn't happen in real life! I'm not convinced that the horizontal stripes are overly flattering, but I like the length of the body and the sleeves, and the button detail on the sleeves.

Jeans: Next
Top: Gap


emma said...

Love your top! Looking for one like that to go under
my favourite black waistcoat. Will have to go in gap more
often. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome Emma! I was very tempted by the same but with purple stripes - might have to pop back!

emma said...

Now you tell me they have purple! Very excited!