Friday, 4 December 2009

4th December - Christmas Shopping Day

Today Steve and I had the day off to do our annual marathon of a Christmas Shop!

I think we've nearly finished, certainly the vast majority is purchased!

I bought this little skirt earlier in the week, after seeing a friend in a shorter skirt I suddenly thought "why not, I'm 38, not 58!" and found this in Next. It's black cord, and has a combat style pocket on each side.

I also chose myself some lovely high heeled boots today, which Steve is giving to me for Christmas :-) I did have trouble though, and discovered where Kira gets her skinny little legs from! It was really hard to find a pair that didn't look like wellies and flap about around my calfs! (calves?!). The pair I ended up with are the best of a bad job, the look OK, but will look best with Skinnies tucked inside!

Skirt: Next
Blouse: Gap
Tank: Sainsburys
Boots: Clarks
Coat: Tesco

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