Tuesday, 26 January 2010

26th January - I'm channelling Riverdance!

I planned today's outfit last night (for a change), but was running late when I was taking my photos this morning, and really needed to be already out of the door.

In my head, the flat shoes would add a bit of a girly twist to the outfit.

It was only when I saw the second photo that I realised I looked like I was about to audition for Riverdance - so I decided to treat you all to a spot of Irish Dancing! With hindsight I'd have been better off spending the 30 seconds I was taking the photo popping upstairs and getting my boots! Oh well, it made a change anyway!

Dress and Top: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Next

And just as a point of interest, how tall do you think I am? (given that there's nothing to compare me to in these photos!) Answers in comments please! I will reveal all shortly! (I mean that I will tell you how tall I am, rather than "reveal all" lol! There are somethings I simply wouldn't inflict on you!)


karenmorrison32 said...

Nice dancing!

I'd say you are around 5' 7"

SHOEGAL said...

Love the red dress.

And 5'4" maybe?