Wednesday, 27 January 2010

27th January - Grey and Black stripey tights

I bought these tights for Rhian yesterday, but decided to give them a trial run before I pass them over!

I must admit that I'm not happy with this outfit today - something's not quite right! Any ideas?

I had a meeting today with someone who always seems effortlessly stylish. She had a lovely scarf casually tossed around her neck, a lovely blend of colours, a great skirt and ugg boots, which I don't normally like, but they looked fab on her. Some people just have that ability to pull an outfit together, and I'm highly envious of them! (who knows, she may well have spent hours putting that outfit together, but pulled off the "effortless" look none the less). I just haven't got it!

Skirt and Tank: Tesco
White top: Next
Tights: M&S
Boots: Barretts
Scarf: I can't remember!


Tequilamonky said...

I think it's the scarf that's not right with the outfit, thecolour is spot on but it's not the right style. The rest of the outfit is very bold and funky and the scarf looks too frilly and lacy.
Love the tights.... I reckon you should keep them and buy your daughter another pair ;-)

SHOEGAL said...

Love the tights! Perhaps tying the scarf so it's shorter and adding a belt would do the trick?

cindy kay said...

I agree that it must be the scarf that's out of proportion with the rest of the outfit. I would experiment by tying the scarf shorter, as shoegal suggested, or finding a funkier, chunkier scarf, as tequilamonky suggested, or losing the scarf and wearing a gray shirt instead of a white one, maybe a turtleneck, with a funky necklace?