Friday, 15 January 2010

Leopard Print Converse - What do you think?

Fearne Cotton has designed some leopard print converse with red laces.

I'm seriously tempted, but I'm not sure if they're a bit "young" for me, and whether I'd look like mutton dressed as lamb, or whether I was trying a bit too hard to be young and trendy!

I'd wear them with bootleg jeans, if that makes any difference.

Thoughts please :-) (I've already tried twitter and facebook, and reactions varied from "cool, go for it" to "get some proper adult shoes, and leave these kids shoes well alone".

Edited on 26th April to add: These are only available from, and I've changed the hyperlink above to get you straight to them. I did decide to pre-order them, and they arrived at the end of March, and I have worn them alot since then! They fit just like normal converse - so just order your normal size. I do have fairly narrow feet, and I'm not too sure how someone with wider feet might fare, but if you want to try some on just pop into any converse stockist and have a go, then get online and order these! Lots of people have commented on their "funkiness", and I just love them - converse style, with a real twist! I wear my currently with the white laces, which I feel makes them just that little bit more versatile, as the red in the shoes is more subtle and you can get away with wearing something you wouldn't normally wear with red, iykwim!

Now I know lots of people end up on my blog after googling "leopard print converse" - so why not take a look around while you're here :-)


SHOEGAL said...

Those are fab! You are a converse girl so clearly these are the next step up. Go for it!

Tequilamonky said...

Well I think they're brilliant... But then I've never dressed my age ;-)
Can't go wrong with converse IMO

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies, I've ordered them!

They're pre-order - delivery expected by the end of March :D

Sheila said...

I agree, I think they are so much fun! I would do them with a denim pencil skirt and layered tees for a rocker-ish look.

I can't wait to see them!