Wednesday, 10 February 2010

10th February - The Case of the Mysterious Shrinking Cardigan.....


In my head this looked so much better.

In reality I think it looks a little bit like I got caught in a boil wash on my way to work, and the cardi suffered severe shrinkage!

Thoughts please - good or bad!

The colour in the second shot is the realistic one, in case you were wondering.

Cardi and Skirt: Tesco
Shirt: Gap
Boots: Barretts


cindy kay said...

I agree with your assessment of the cardigan. A longer one would look better. The sleeves are okay--I would roll up the sleeves of the shirt some to balance it.

karenmorrison32 said...

Something doesn't look quite right with the cardi/shirt! I have a cropped wrap cardi in peach which I wear with brown trousers and a brown vest, it looks nice. Maybe if you wore a black vest so that there is no break in colour or at least a shorter shirt with no sleeves!?