Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2nd February - Work outfit

I'm hoping I've solved my trouser problem! I think my old trousers were too short (despite them being a Tesco "long")

Rhian is also "long of leg" and was finding her school trousers were ankle flapping, so I bought her a pair of Dorothy Perkins "long", and ordered myself a pair while I was at it! (2 pairs for £25).

What do you think?

And as to how tall I am - various guesses, no one quite on the money though, but all in the right ballpark. I'm 5 foot 6! So a couple of inches above "average", but I'm very (very!) short waisted, making up for it in the leg department - hence having to buy "long" trousers! (these are particularly long though!). Rhian has just grown taller than me, and has plenty of growing left to do, so no doubt I'll be shopping at Dorothy Perkins "Tall" for her before she's done!

Cardi & Flower: Sainsburys
Trousers & Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bracelet: Past times

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