Monday, 8 February 2010

8th February - Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

Not felt good about this outfit at all today!

So I'm going to grant you a comment-free "bad" vote if you so wish!

I'm really not quite sure what's wrong with it, so any comments will, as always, be gratefully received!

Cardi: Sainsburys (a present from my Mum and probably a size smaller than I would buy myself, resulting in the sleeves being too short!)
Dress: Tesco
Beads: Next
Boots: Barretts


Tequilamonky said...

Bless you, you don't look happy!
I think it's all the buttons and the beads all being too much together.... Well that and the cardi being the wrong size! Colour looks lovely on you though :-)

Amber said...

I honestly don't see anything wrong with it at all - my only suggestion would perhaps be a shorter necklace, but I like the colours together and I love the boots!

I think sometimes, though, there are outfits that just feel "wrong" when you put them on. Other people may love them, but to you they just don't feel right for some reason. I hate it when that happens!

Star said...

I think it looks fab...maybe loose the beads as you have buttons on the top and dress already. You could try it with a chunky bracelet instead to draw attention away form the slightly short sleeves?

Love the colour.

Tina said...

I agree with everyone as well. I really really like the outfit, love the color of the cardi but with there being buttons on that and the skirt the beads may to too much. Maybe a delicate chain necklace or a nice bracelet would be more complementing.

SHOEGAL said...

Perhaps leaver the cardi unbuttoned and use a belt to hold it almost-closed next time? But you would definitely need a shorter necklace with a belt. Can you loop the beads round twice?

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your comments - very much appreciated! (and nobody even voted bad - you're all very sweet!)

Funnily enough I had tried various combinations of belt inside and outside of the cardi, and the beads looped round twice, but I think I was in such a fluster I ended just leaving the belt off all together!

Please feel free to comment again - it's lovely to get the feedback, and to hear from you all :-)