Sunday, 28 February 2010

Planning my "capsule"

I'm still trying to decide what my 10 piece capsule wardrobe for the next 5 days is going to include! This is my current thinking:

1. Red dress
2. Black dress
3. Black drapey Cardigan
4. Black long-sleeved t-shirt
5. White shirt
6. Black Jumper
7. Black trousers
8. Black skirt
9. Black boots
10. Black shoes

Rather a large amount of black there!

I thought I'd then introduce colour with my allotted 5 accessories:

1. Next silver and multi coloured beads
2. My handbag (which I don't usually see as an accessory, but counts as one for this challenge)
3. Purple beads
4. Red belt
5. Earrings (I wear the same pair all the time, but will count them anyway)

Tights dont count as an item either, so I'll definitely be playing with whacky tights to add a bit of interest over the week too!

Oh well, here we go!


Sheila said...

Oh, Tat, you really need to break out of your black rut, girl. :) What about some grey? Or some brown or some camel to break it all up? You're so pretty and slim - you know you can wear ANYTHING! Pattern! (and so you know, I do mean this with kindness...not any kind of meanness).

Anyway, I am still excited to see what you wear! I will have ONE piece of black (a skirt) in my wardrobe this week.

Tat said...

Sheila, I can't do no black!

I can't "do" brown other than a real chocolate, and camel is a definite "no no" - I'd look like death warmed up in a warm camel :-)

I do have a whole range of beautiful colours I can wear - but I think I tend to go for black in a shop as an "easy option" - there are no "tones" with black, I couldn't accidently buy a "warm" rather than "cool" version of the colour - black is black is black lol!

I'm also finding it difficult this season in the shops - there's some awful colours out there, and everything is nautical stripes!

But thank you for the advice - you've seen I've changed my black dress to my spotty frock - it's still black and white, but it's a bit more exciting!