Sunday, 7 February 2010

A plea!

The whole point of my blog is to try and improve my outfits, it says it in the side bar, I've said it here many times.

I appreciate that some of you don't like some of my outfits, I aim at worst to be "indifferent", but I truly appreciate that sometimes people will think than an outfit is "bad".

All I ask, and I seriously want to know, is that if you're leaving a "bad" vote, please just leave a comment to say why you feel it is "bad", to give me a chance to do something about it!

Obviously I prefer constructive criticism rather than "you're a complete fuddy duddy, get over yourself and stop using up Internet space" type comments, but I'd really like to know, as I do take notice of the ratings on this blog, and try and improve my outfits - but I need your feedback peeps!

Obviously I'm only human and I like nice comments too, so please feel free to offer up complements too if you feel I deserve them! Lol!

With that I shall let you return to your Sunday! As you were..... (just with more comments, please!)


Libby said...

Well, since you asked...

lipstick and blush

colorless mascara to tame/shape brows

colorful lightweight scarves to wear indoors (because you look so great in them)

colorful chunky necklaces (to accent your perfect neck area) and bracelets or bangles in our favorite colors of turquoise, purple, green, or black

personally, I like the occasional pop of color (green shoes) to be repeated somewhere else -- again, scarf, earrings, neck wear, etc

I have fair skin and sometimes look washed out if I don't add more color around my face. This also allows me to wear yellow.

Might be fun to post 3 pix in the same outfit, but with various accessories.

I'm hooked on your blog. I've only recently become interested in fashion sense - better late than never - so I truly appreciate what you're doing.

Libby said...

Hey Tat, I hope I didn't go too far with that long comment. I sincerely apologize. Must remember to keep mouth shut.

I looked back through to October and saw that you actually were wearing more visible jewelry and colorful scarves, but then kinda got away from it in more recent months.

I still think you could rock the chunky shorter necklace, especially with the TJ Maxx print wrap top.

You're truly a sweet, lovely girl. I'm sorry I got carried away. Won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

Libby, I'm not at all offended - as I said in the post your type of comment is what this blog is absolutely all about - I'm putting myself and my wardrobe out there for comment - and you did exactly what I asked for! :-)

No offence taken, please comment like that again! :D (honestly!) Keep your mouth open ;-)