Thursday, 11 March 2010

11th March - Matronly Stripes

Today I wore the "too small" cardigan again (well, it did cost my Mum £2, I can't just abandon it!), but as suggested by several of you previously, I scrunched the sleeves up so it looked like it was supposed to be that length! Top tip!

We had a discussion at work today, and my colleagues were saying that they often found things were too long in the sleeves - I never have this problem, and in the end a colleague of a similar height and I compared arms, and mine were significantly (half a hand!) longer than hers! Very unscientific, but perhaps I have longer than average arms!

I was in a meeting today when somebody pointed out that my dress exactly matches the stripes in our clinical matron's uniforms!

Shoes and Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi: Sainsburys

And finally, for today, I thought I would share this image from a birthday card I got - made me giggle, as perhaps I think this is what I look like a little! (although I would NEVER wear hooped earrings! lol!)

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