Wednesday, 17 March 2010

17th March - School Run Yucky/Yummy Mummy?

Here I am in my standard spring school run outfit - it's about a 10 minute walk to school, 15 minutes standing around waiting for Kira, and then a 15 minute walk home (my legs are significantly longer than hers!).

Now, I thought you could never go wrong with a denim jacket - other than the "double denim" thing, which I'm always very careful not to do (which is why you've seen a lot of these linen mix boyfriend cut trousers recently!). I've had this particular model 3 or 4 years, and it's beautifully worn in. Unfortunately it was a rather popular model, and certainly in two offices at work of 9 of us, 4 of us have one!). It's seen me through thick and thin (literally! I bought it when I was putting some weight on, it had a stage where I couldn't do it up around my hips, and now looking at these photos it's looking a little large, certainly in the sideways shot!)

Yesterday after school (which admittedly Kira came out of in a bit of a grump - it sadly seems to be her default mode recently) Kira said that I wasn't to walk with her. Further questionning resulted in the statement "that jacket is so last year".

So what do you think? Thumbs up for denim? or designate it to the charity shop bag? (sob!)

Jacket and Trousers: Next


Sheila said...

I think the jacket is fine - it's got a little too much "fade" for my taste, but a denim jacket in a classic cut never really goes out of style.

Rather, Kira is just being very sensitive about time (when everything feels very long and connected when you're young, as opposed to "oh my god I've had this how many years?" as we old folks).

cindy kay said...

Denim jackets are very In for this spring. In fact, if you got rid of this jacket to get a newer one, you would end up choosing between many jackets that look almost exactly like it.

(And about denim on denim: I've heard from good sources that it is becoming acceptable again:

nurmisur said...

I think the jacket is totally good.
When we are younger we just have a diferent perspective on things.Sometimes not the best one.But I'm sure her intentions were good.