Monday, 1 March 2010

1st March - Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day 1

So after a bit of a re-think overnight, I started the Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge this morning!

I apologise for the lighting in the pictures, I was surprised by an amazing bright light coming from the sky this morning!

Dress and Belt: Tesco
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Barretts
Coat: Sainsburys

I chose this coat and scarf mix as my free "functional outerwear" as it will go with anything.

Looking forward to tomorrow now!


emma said...

Love it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next

Anonymous said...

I think this is likely to be the most exciting outfit of the week, so don't hold your breath! lol!

girlxoxo said...

Wow - I love how you put this outfit together with the red belt. I'm loving looking at other peoples capsules!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments - I'm wondering how this outfit managed to get 3 "indifferent" votes - it's so bold I would have thought it would be either a love it or hate it!

a big "welcome along" to both of you though, I love having readers comment, and please vote too! And I'm more than happy to have comments which aren't positive - that's the whole purpose of this blog :-)