Thursday, 25 March 2010

25th March - re-working the Dress and Trousers combo

Black trousers again today, but back to my Dorothy Perkins ones, whose hem had fallen down which was why I'd reverted to the awful Tesco flares from yesterday. I sucked it in and finally got around to sticking a bit on wonderweb on the hem!

Again I was thwarted by the red top from yesterday still having the deodrant stains on (I washed it overnight), so I quickly grabbed this jersey dress and popped it on over the top! I was quite pleased with the look!

I'm loving the look of these bangles, but they are driving me mad bashing on my desk all day!

Dress: Next
Top, Trousers and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bangles: Sainsburys


Sheila said...

Bangles can be maddening. I always wear them on my right hand (I'm right handed), so that I have more control over them.

Anonymous said...

Which arm do you wear your watch on though Sheila?

Although I'm right handed, I'm unusal (I think?) in that I wear my watch on my right hand - so I couldn't cope with bangles and a watch there!