Tuesday, 2 March 2010

2nd March - Spring Capsule Wardrobe Challenge - Day 2

This was not the outfit I had planned for today. Bad planning and a plumber turning up earlier than expected meant the I did not have the clothes I needed in a place that was accessible in the state of undress I was in, and another item was not ironed! When you're working a capsule you really should be more organised than I obviously am!

So I would like to apologise to Sheila for the almost utter black-ness of today's outfit, and the rather scrumpled look. I had resigned myself to no photo for today, as, much as I love my blog, I was not prepared to ponce about taking my photo in front of aforementioned plumber! Luckily (or not!) for you he left just before I left the house, so I hastily took my coat and scarf back off and jumped in front of the camera. Again I would like to apologise for the state of the photos - blinking sunshine!

As you may have gathered, my house is in proper turmoil at the moment - the spot where I usually take my photos has no floor as we have had a leak under the floorboards and we are waiting for it to dry out. This also means I have dining chairs stacked in awkward places where they wouldn't normally be, and they're getting in the way somewhat too! The plumber is here replacing the boiler and the hot water cylinder, so everywhere is just chaos! Stop the world, I'd quite like to get off!

Anyway, today's virtually all black outfit:

Cardi: Sainsburys
Top, Trousers and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (second wear for the top - I'm cheating slightly as I have 2 the same, to avoid excess washing!)
Beads: Gifted

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Sheila said...

I laughed out loud at you apologizing to me - silly girl, you don't have to do that! Just because I don't do all black doesn't mean YOU can't. :) I'm nothing, just a speck on the internet.

I haven't ironed an item of clothing in over 10 years, haha!