Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Basse Mode

Every month I eagerly await the arrival of my Red magazine, to look at all the sparkly shoes, glitzy jewellery, amazing outfits and fashion advice, but then I look at the prices, and the size and shape of the models, and realise I can't afford the beautiful items, and I probably couldn't quite pull off the look myself!

In the past few weeks a number of fashion bloggers have conceived an exciting project to launch Basse Mode, a glossy magazine written by real women, for real women with real shapes and realistic budgets. They are still in the early stages, so why not click on through to their blog to find out more, and maybe get involved yourself :-)

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Basse Mode said...


Thanks so much for featuring us :)

I think the code on the site might be up to date now, do you want to try again to see if it works?

If it doesn't drop me an email at leacooke @ and we can try and fix it!