Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Still can't log onto our network, so in lieu of a "proper post" I thought I'd share my sunglasses with you!

Not the most exciting sunnies on the planet, but they're prescription, and the most "sunglasses" looking ones I've had for many years! I do wear them an awful lot in the sunshine, in a (somewhat too late) attempt to avoid too many wrinkles by screwing up face!

Since I've been wearing glasses (um, 17 years!) I've really missed the annual beginning of the summer sunnies shop for the latest "thing", but I'm too squeamish to try contacts!

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SHOEGAL said...

I thought I was too squeamish for contacts (wouldn't even wear mascara for years) but it turns out that I love them! I promise you they are not at all bad.

And I'm still excited about being able to wear proper sunglasses as this is only my second year that I can.