Friday, 30 April 2010

30th April - Pink, Turquoise and the New Scarf!

It was our monthly dress down day today at work, so I decided to give the new scarf an outing.

And can you see my lovely newly black pumps! They have come out really well, and I'm really pleased with them. Sadly the sandals didn't take the die at all (they're not leather, so I should have known!) and they have just ended up sticky and horrid, so I've stuck them in the wheelie bin.

Shoes, jeans and cardi: Next
T-shirt: Doroth Perkins
Scarf: Matalan

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dying Shoes - Not Yet Sure How Successfully!

I'm only a limited budget for clothes and shoes at the moment, and I've had these hanging around in the bottom of my wardrobe for years, but with nothing brown to wear with them.

So I struck on the idea of dying them!

I bought some Dylon Shoe Dye in black today, and got to it!

The pumps seem to have taken the dye quite well, but I think the sandals will be dying my feet black for evermore!

It was a rather messy job - I started off wiping them with white spirit, then they both had 2 coats of the dye.

Both pairs remain "sticky feeling", but I've not yet given them a coat of polish, as required to on the packet, so hopefully that'll "seal" them!

29th April - Turquoise and Red

Not so sure about today's colour combination.

This is probably going to be the last time you see these shoes - I popped into Sainsburys earlier to get my high black shoes reheeled, knowing that these need doing too. While I was waiting I had a wander round the clothes section, and found a new pair of (rather dull, but functional) medium height black heels in the sale for only 5p more than having these re-heeled! And, to be honest, these were only £5 in a sale about 3 years ago and are well past their best!

T-shirt: Peacocks
Cardi and Skirt: Tesco
Beads: Matalan
Shoes: New Look

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

28th April - Pink and Purple

A different mix of colours today, and.... drum roll please..... can you see I've got some new trousers, and.... can you see that they're not (gasp!) BLACK! It's a springtime miracle people, and it's all thanks to you!

OK, OK, they are only grey, which I know is only light black, but the important thing is that they are. not. black!

Are you proud of me?!

(you won't be quite so proud of me when I tell you I wore them with the tag on the back all morning - although it was under the t-shirt! and the spare button packet was digging into my hip! doh!)

It's been a long time since I've had a pair of work trousers that fit as nicely as these too - they actually fit my backside rather than having spare fabric there as my other work trousers do (and I've even given you an "asda advert" type shot to show you how well they fit my bottom! you're welcome!), and there's not too much material round the thighs either! Whoop!

I need to get out more - I shouldn't be getting so excited about work trousers! I think it's because I really haven't bought many clothes so far this year - this is my first "major" purchase since Christmas!

Trousers: Next
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shrug: Ebay
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: M&S, via my Granny!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

27th April - Full On Summer!

I have just realised I've broken one of my own "unwritten rules" - to never discard the tights until April is out. Today, though, has been almost 20 degrees out, and beautiful, so I decided it was time to bring on the open toes!

I was going to wear this skirt with the pink t-shirt and turquoise cardi, but I will save that for later in the season - I'm not quite sure we're quite ready for double pink with turquoise just yet!

And I'll let you into a secret - I didn't wear these shoes to walk into work - I took them off after the photo and slipped into my flip-flops, and popped these into my bag! Just as well, they rubbed my feet on the walking I did around the hospital anyway.

Cardi, Beads and Skirt: Next
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look

Monday, 26 April 2010

26th April - Yawn.....

Good grief I look tired! If only I'd had a weekend partying to explain it away! (rather than a hayfever-snuffly-husband keeping me awake!)

I think I'd vote "indifferent" myself on today's get-up - it's dull!

I'm hoping to pop into some shops tomorrow to see if I can find some trousers in a different "neutral" to black - I've been wearing black as my neutral for such a very long time I don't really know where to start, and forgot to take my colour me beautiful book along with me today to give me some ideas!

Skirt: Tesco
Blouse: Next
Beads: Gifted
Cardi: Sainsburys
Shoes: New Look

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Boots Smooth Skin - Review 2

Back in July last year I did my first review of Boots Smooth Skin Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) Permanent Hair Removal system.

Not long after my first review, and after only 1 more treatment, we went on holiday, so I didn't have a chance to do anymore treatments, as you are not allowed to use it until 30 days after self tanning, or natural tanning. It was then winter, and my Mum (who I share it with!) took it back to her house, so I kind of forgot about it!

Several weeks ago I decided to reclaim it, and really launch a proper attack for once and for all against my hairy old pins, and to have a go at my bikini line while I was at it!

Steve is out on a Tuesday evening, so this is my weekly smooth skin time slot, and I am now on week 3 of this assault, so the bottom half of my legs have now had 5 treatments.

It still takes me nearly an hour to do my knees and down, and I can't really say that it appears to have made much difference yet. As someone kindly pointed out in my last review, you do have to shave first, which I usually do the night before.

I am finding occassionally I'm having difficulty getting the handset to trigger, it's as if there's a problem with the sensors on it - and I may end up returning the unit - it's still within it's warranty period. It's not too bad on my legs (I have learnt to turn the handset so that it is lenghways rather than across my legs on my shins and around my ankles), but last week it just wouldn't fire at all around my bikini line - which is very frustrating when you've just coated yourself in the rather expensive and rather slimey gel!

I will keep going though - I appreciate I need to probably do 12 treatments on my legs, but I was hoping to be seeing some difference by now!

Usually at this point in the year I would be reaching for the Johnsons Holiday Skin before baring my legs to the world, but I think this year I will try and brave lily white pins for a while so I can keep up with these treatments until we go on holiday! I will be hair free - I will, I will!

Edited to Add: I had a good inspection of my legs in the bright sunshine this morning, after a couple of days not shaving them (euch, tmi!), and I have to say there is a distinct "patchiness" to the growth - perhaps something is happening after-all! I will continue my assault with renewed vigour, and report back soon!

Edited again to add the link to my final review - important to read this!

25th April - New Scarf

After all the "amazing" colour I've worn this week, I was perusing Matalan yesterday with Kira (who wanted a new school skirt to go with the shoes!), and this scarf jumped out at me!

No full shots today as I've not done my hair or my face after combat this morning, and as it's Sunday I'm just going to slum it until this evening, when we're barbecuing for an old friend, who really won't mind (or he'll probably not even notice!) whether my hair has "product" in it or not!

We have been to the Farmer's Market though, so we've got some lovely Turkey and Cranberry sausages, Pork and Apple Burgers and Pork and Hogs Back Ale Sausages to cook this evening :-) I've just got to do my "World Famous" Potato Salad (well, it's not yet world famous, but it always goes down very well - the secret is to add not just mayonnaise, but also a squirt of salad cream!).

Sorry, I digress - this is a "fashion (haha)" blog, not a recipe circle!

24th April - Jeans/Jumper

It was the warmest day of the year here yesterday, so I decided to brave my flip flops! I actually wore them for the school run on Friday afternoon, and I'd virtually forgotten how to walk in them! I've (thankfully!) remember now!

It wasn't quite as warm as I was hoping, so I stuck the jumper on for taking Kira school shoe shopping (sigh - a chore which has to be done - both girls are quite difficult when it comes to purchasing school shoes - we can never agree what is "suitable"!).

I'm always stuck in the spring for what to wear on my feet with skinnies - I don't have any pumps, and I think I'm probably too old for skinnies and converse, so I have to wait for it to be warm enough for flip flops before they get an airing! And part of me thinks that if it's warm enough for bare feet, it's probably too warm for full length jeans! Oh well!

Top: QS
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Next
Flip Flops: New Look
Bracelet: Sainsburys

Friday, 23 April 2010

23rd April - turquoise and purple - please do not adjust your sets!

What has happened to me - I've gone spring colour crazy!

First off the turquoise and pink pairing on Wednesday, now turquoise and purple - what on earth is going on! I'm usually monochromatic to a fault, with the occasional hint, perhaps, of colour!

I'm liking it though, it's making me feel buoyant, and bubbly, and summery!

T-shirt: Peacocks
Shrug: Ebay
Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look
Necklack: Esme Grace

Thursday, 22 April 2010

22nd April - Red, White and Black

I think I've done St Georges Day a day early!

Please excuse the expression in the second photo - Kira leapt in the room with some amazing piece of news (so amazing that I can't remember what it was! Bad Mummy!) just as the camera went off!

Cardi: Tesco
Beads: Matalan
Shirt: Next
Skirt: Wallis
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

21st April - Brightness, like you've only seen once before!

Yesterday I felt the need for a little shop, so I popped into Outfit on my way home from work. I bought this t-shirt, and a purple one for Rhian, and that was it, are you impressed?!

This morning I was planning on wearing it with my black cardigan, but popped on the beads and decided to take a little inspiration from them, and to wear turquoise instead! Very bright, especially for me! I have worn this colour combination once before, back in September, but not all together near my face!

Looking at the side view shot I really need to get on the hunt for some side fastening trousers! I carry my weight on my belly, and trousers with front fastenings just bulk me out where I'm already bulked!

Cardi and Beads: Next
Shoes, T-shirt and Trousers: Dorothy Perkins

And I thought I'd treat you all to a gratuitous shot of my beautiful daffodils.

They're beginning to go over a bit now, all over the place, so I thought I'd share before they died off completely!

Does any other country have massive clumps of daffodils all over the place in the spring like we do?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20th April - Red Dress

More outside pictures today - it really is spring here at the moment, and I am making the most of it by getting outside to take my pictures!

Dress and Cardi: Tesco
Belt and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

Monday, 19 April 2010

19th April - Outdoors Pictures!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, despite the alleged cloud of volcanic ash hovering dangerously above our heads! It's really peculiar to see the sky a clear blue, without vapour trails criss-crossing it!

I've left the second picture wider so you can all see my beautiful daffodils that Kira and I planted last autumn, with the specific plan that they provide a great show from the dining room window in the spring :-) (that is the window that is normally behind me in photos - although my body is facing it, typically, in today's only indoor shot!).

Today's beads come from a bag of "bits" that my Mum brought round for the girls - I think my sister may have won them in a tombola or something, together with 3 essie nail varnishes, and some eye make-up - a most peculiar prize! But anyway, I was about to dump the bag when I thought these might be of use!

Trousers, Shoes and T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shrug: Per Una at M&S

Friday, 16 April 2010

16th April - Short Sleeves!

The days are definitely warming up here, but the mornings are still rather chilly, so I'm definitely not ready to shed the tights yet! I think I may have to "rest" this dress over the summer months, as I think it may be just a little too short to be decent enough to wear to work without thick tights. (I'm such a fuddy duddy!) (and it rides up when I sit down!)

I thought I'd smarten up today's outfit with the jacket, resulting in a couple of comments about "going to an interview" - what is it about a jacket that does that!

Dress and Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Jacket: Zara
Belt: Tesco
Shirt: Next

Thursday, 15 April 2010

15th April - A splash of colour

You can tell it's nearly spring, I've added a small splash of colour where I'd normally a black or white vest underneath! I'm soooo daring!

Top: TK Maxx
Vest: Matalan
Skirt: Tesco
Shoes: New Look

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

14th April - Black and White, just for a change - with Green Shoes!

Back to work today, sadly!

Bit of a dull outfit though, but I thought I'd spice it up a little with fishnets! Boy, I'd forgotten how wearing fishnets is comparable to wearing a cheesegrater on your feet! (I'd imagine, obviously I've never worn cheesegraters on my feet!)

Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Shirt: Gap
Tank: Sainsburys
Beads: Matalan
Shoes: New Look (gifted)
Bracelet: The Zoo gift shop yesterday!

I needed to drop Rhian round at her friends this afternoon, and was running a bit late so I grabe the first shoes I could find - she was mortified - apparently I'm FAR too old to be wearing converse, short skirt and tights!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

13th April - A Day Out at the Zoo!

A day out at the zoo today with a long-time friend and our daughters.

As you can see, fashion wasn't my first thought today! It was beautifully sunny, but with a really chilly wind, and the zoo we went to is really spread out, so comfort and warmth were top of my list when choosing my outfit!

And here I am, it appears my eldest thinks it amusing to label me a "Somali Wild Ass" lol!