Monday, 19 April 2010

19th April - Outdoors Pictures!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, despite the alleged cloud of volcanic ash hovering dangerously above our heads! It's really peculiar to see the sky a clear blue, without vapour trails criss-crossing it!

I've left the second picture wider so you can all see my beautiful daffodils that Kira and I planted last autumn, with the specific plan that they provide a great show from the dining room window in the spring :-) (that is the window that is normally behind me in photos - although my body is facing it, typically, in today's only indoor shot!).

Today's beads come from a bag of "bits" that my Mum brought round for the girls - I think my sister may have won them in a tombola or something, together with 3 essie nail varnishes, and some eye make-up - a most peculiar prize! But anyway, I was about to dump the bag when I thought these might be of use!

Trousers, Shoes and T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shrug: Per Una at M&S

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