Wednesday, 21 April 2010

21st April - Brightness, like you've only seen once before!

Yesterday I felt the need for a little shop, so I popped into Outfit on my way home from work. I bought this t-shirt, and a purple one for Rhian, and that was it, are you impressed?!

This morning I was planning on wearing it with my black cardigan, but popped on the beads and decided to take a little inspiration from them, and to wear turquoise instead! Very bright, especially for me! I have worn this colour combination once before, back in September, but not all together near my face!

Looking at the side view shot I really need to get on the hunt for some side fastening trousers! I carry my weight on my belly, and trousers with front fastenings just bulk me out where I'm already bulked!

Cardi and Beads: Next
Shoes, T-shirt and Trousers: Dorothy Perkins

And I thought I'd treat you all to a gratuitous shot of my beautiful daffodils.

They're beginning to go over a bit now, all over the place, so I thought I'd share before they died off completely!

Does any other country have massive clumps of daffodils all over the place in the spring like we do?


Libby said...

Love the beads and the open cardi.

This is my first visit. I'm so impressed that you're putting yourself out there for public scrutiny. I couldn't. Kudos to you and your wonderful wardrobe!

Sheila said...

You look gorgeous in all that colour, Tat! I love these brights on you.

And please, pffft - what stomach?? No one sees that but you, m'dear. :)

Love the daffodils! They are almost over here.

SHOEGAL said...

Gorgeous colour combo! Now you need a skirt in the same colours (or in just one of them) to make it super summary! Try this combo with jeans or grey trousers rather than black too. Love it!