Sunday, 25 April 2010

25th April - New Scarf

After all the "amazing" colour I've worn this week, I was perusing Matalan yesterday with Kira (who wanted a new school skirt to go with the shoes!), and this scarf jumped out at me!

No full shots today as I've not done my hair or my face after combat this morning, and as it's Sunday I'm just going to slum it until this evening, when we're barbecuing for an old friend, who really won't mind (or he'll probably not even notice!) whether my hair has "product" in it or not!

We have been to the Farmer's Market though, so we've got some lovely Turkey and Cranberry sausages, Pork and Apple Burgers and Pork and Hogs Back Ale Sausages to cook this evening :-) I've just got to do my "World Famous" Potato Salad (well, it's not yet world famous, but it always goes down very well - the secret is to add not just mayonnaise, but also a squirt of salad cream!).

Sorry, I digress - this is a "fashion (haha)" blog, not a recipe circle!

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Libby said...

YES! Love it! Beautiful scarf.

The sausages sound yummy too. Had to Google Salad Cream - haven't seen it here in Maryland, USA - contains mustard and vinegar, always good in potato salad and deviled eggs for extra kick.