Tuesday, 27 April 2010

27th April - Full On Summer!

I have just realised I've broken one of my own "unwritten rules" - to never discard the tights until April is out. Today, though, has been almost 20 degrees out, and beautiful, so I decided it was time to bring on the open toes!

I was going to wear this skirt with the pink t-shirt and turquoise cardi, but I will save that for later in the season - I'm not quite sure we're quite ready for double pink with turquoise just yet!

And I'll let you into a secret - I didn't wear these shoes to walk into work - I took them off after the photo and slipped into my flip-flops, and popped these into my bag! Just as well, they rubbed my feet on the walking I did around the hospital anyway.

Cardi, Beads and Skirt: Next
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look


Lorena said...

The color combo is awesome... i would change the shoes.... OR shorten the skirt...

The Writing Instinct said...

I love your honesty!

Great colour combo and silhouette.

SHOEGAL said...

Go to Boots and get a Compeed Blister stick (in the section with the other foot things - corn pads, gel insoles etc). Cover your feet with it in all the areas your shoes rub and I promise you will have pain no more. It won't mark your shoes and is total magic in a gree tube!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

That cardigan is a lovely shade of blue and works so well with the necklace.