Friday, 30 April 2010

30th April - Pink, Turquoise and the New Scarf!

It was our monthly dress down day today at work, so I decided to give the new scarf an outing.

And can you see my lovely newly black pumps! They have come out really well, and I'm really pleased with them. Sadly the sandals didn't take the die at all (they're not leather, so I should have known!) and they have just ended up sticky and horrid, so I've stuck them in the wheelie bin.

Shoes, jeans and cardi: Next
T-shirt: Doroth Perkins
Scarf: Matalan


Libby said...

Super cute outfit and the shoes turned out great!

Jules said...

That is a lovely fresh outfit! Looks Good!

Anonymous said...

It looks a bit like a tea towel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Libby and Jules, and Anon, what lovely colourful tea-towels you must have ;-)

Sheila said...

You look lovely in those colours. Ignore the tea towel comment.

Good job on the shoe-dyeing! They look great.