Tuesday, 6 April 2010

6th April - Black and 2 colours!

I've only got a 3 day week this week - I've booked Friday off, as well as Monday and Tuesday of next week and have got some fun activities planned with the girls :-)

Today I was very daring (ahem) and mixed 2 colours with my black (I don't count white or grey as "colours") - I've held my shoe up in the last shot so you can see what I was trying to match! (and I've clarified that I was holding my shoe up, in case you thought I was super flexible - I'm not!)

T-shirt and cardi: Tesco
Shoes: New Look (gifted)
Trousers: Dorothy Perkins


Sheila said...

Lol, I did wonder how your shoe got up there!

I don't count black, white, brown, beige, grey, navy, any animal print, any shade of cream, or olive green as a colour when it comes to outfits. I love what you've done here! Good job!

SHOEGAL said...

I used to have those shoes but they pinched my feet so I re-eBayed them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sheila :-) I thought it was best I explain how my foot got up there!

Fi - did you sell them to Spiragirl? She bought them on ebay, but they pinched her feet too, so she passed them on to me :-D (and they don't pinch my feet at all :D)