Friday, 9 April 2010

9th April - A Day at the Beach!

I had the day off work today, and as the forecast was for dry, sunny and (relatively and uncharacteristically) warm, I decided to take my girls to the beach!

It was "only" about 16 degress, so I decided to go for bootleg jeans and roll them up if needs be, and I did need to! (can you see they got shorter!)

It was a truly lovely day!

Top: Tesco
Jeans: Next

(I also had a red hoodie and red converse, which I stripped off as soon as I go there!)


cindy kay said...

You look so relaxed and happy that you look almost more fashionable than when you're all dressed up. Which seems strange to me, but there it is.

I like the shorter version of your jeans. And the sunglasses make you look young and fab.

Sheila said...

I agree with Cindy - you look wonderfully relaxed and chic in an outdoor environment!