Sunday, 25 April 2010

Boots Smooth Skin - Review 2

Back in July last year I did my first review of Boots Smooth Skin Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) Permanent Hair Removal system.

Not long after my first review, and after only 1 more treatment, we went on holiday, so I didn't have a chance to do anymore treatments, as you are not allowed to use it until 30 days after self tanning, or natural tanning. It was then winter, and my Mum (who I share it with!) took it back to her house, so I kind of forgot about it!

Several weeks ago I decided to reclaim it, and really launch a proper attack for once and for all against my hairy old pins, and to have a go at my bikini line while I was at it!

Steve is out on a Tuesday evening, so this is my weekly smooth skin time slot, and I am now on week 3 of this assault, so the bottom half of my legs have now had 5 treatments.

It still takes me nearly an hour to do my knees and down, and I can't really say that it appears to have made much difference yet. As someone kindly pointed out in my last review, you do have to shave first, which I usually do the night before.

I am finding occassionally I'm having difficulty getting the handset to trigger, it's as if there's a problem with the sensors on it - and I may end up returning the unit - it's still within it's warranty period. It's not too bad on my legs (I have learnt to turn the handset so that it is lenghways rather than across my legs on my shins and around my ankles), but last week it just wouldn't fire at all around my bikini line - which is very frustrating when you've just coated yourself in the rather expensive and rather slimey gel!

I will keep going though - I appreciate I need to probably do 12 treatments on my legs, but I was hoping to be seeing some difference by now!

Usually at this point in the year I would be reaching for the Johnsons Holiday Skin before baring my legs to the world, but I think this year I will try and brave lily white pins for a while so I can keep up with these treatments until we go on holiday! I will be hair free - I will, I will!

Edited to Add: I had a good inspection of my legs in the bright sunshine this morning, after a couple of days not shaving them (euch, tmi!), and I have to say there is a distinct "patchiness" to the growth - perhaps something is happening after-all! I will continue my assault with renewed vigour, and report back soon!

Edited again to add the link to my final review - important to read this!

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