Sunday, 11 April 2010


My work outfits are generally very structured, dramatic, "fussy".

My casual outfits usually generally more comfort orientated, and generally involve jeans and a jumper, t-shirt or leggings and a jumper dress. Today I'm wearing a skirt, jumper and wooly tights.

What is my "natural" style?

Given the choice, I think I'd live in jeans and a top, and flat shoes. If I know I'm going to be seeing someone, or I'm going into town, I'll put a bit more thought into it, and will add a bit of "sass" to an outfit (yesterday it was jeans and a navy blue v-neck, but I "sassed it up" for an afternoon out with red converse and matching lipstick!)

But is that because I have the opportunity to look "fancy" and wear heels for work each day? Do I satisfy my smarter side by having that outlet? The girls at work never see me at my natural height (apart from dress down days!) - I always, always wear heels for work (as I don't currently have any smart flat shoes!)

Musings over - as you were ;-)

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