Friday, 21 May 2010

21st May - Boring Outfit, but here's my cat!

I'm struggling with outfits this week, and here's my problem...

I'm part of the way through treating my legs with Boots Smooth Skin permanant (allegedly!) hair removal system (more on that in my next review) and you cannot use it for 30 days after sun exposure or use of self tanning creams. My legs, I feel, are too white to expose the poor people involved in my life to (particularly work - home people, my friends, can just put up with them!), and as we head near to the end of May I don't really feel I can wear my normal thick tights, without looking like a wally - particularly as the temperature was in the mid 20's today!

So I've worn trousers to work all week.

There were lots of summer outfits in the office today though, and lots of legs as white, if not whiter, than mine, so I think I may just have to grin and bear it, and bring out my legs!

The other option I was wondering about was wearing ankle length leggings, for example under my spotty dress, with flats - but I'm not sure about office suitability? (it's pretty casual - what I was wearing today is pretty much the office uniform - a lot of my outfits are pretty "out there" compared to my colleagues!)

T-shirt: Tesco
Trousers: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Next

And here is Dot - can you see how she got her name?!

She is almost 8 years old, and is probably the most shouty cat I have ever met - she yells and yells and yells until you do whatever it is she wants (usually a stroke!).

Maybe one day I'll be able to coax Elvis, our fat, gorgeous but elusive white and tabby cat into a picture - but don't hold your breath!


SHOEGAL said...

Thanks for the shout out in the previous post!

Go for it with leggings under skirts/dresses, they are a great summer alternative to tights.

SHOEGAL said...

Otherwise try footless tights as they are thinner than leggings but look summery as they have no feet!

Sheila said...

Aw, Dot is sweet. :)

I think leggings would be fine for your office. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments ladies, and I did buy some footless tights the other day - but I put them on and they were more "below the knee-less" than footless - so the 14 year old has inherited them, while I continue to search.... where should I be looking Fi - these ones were Next?