Monday, 24 May 2010

24th May - After Work - Sundress and Lolly!

Spotted this little sundress on Saturday while shopping for BBQ supplies, and it just jumped into my basket (it had to go back and be swapped because it was actually a 12 on an 8 hanger, and was a little large!). The flip flops performed the same basket jumping trick! (actually, as did the blouse from earlier today too!)

I'm feeling for Kira today, who is on her school residential for the year, and is spending all day trekking around Guildford, then camping overnight before more activities tomorrow.

Making the most of the sunshine though, as it's going to be back to 16 by Wednesday!

Dress, flip flops and lolly: Sainsburys
Sunshine and Warmth: Unusually English!

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