Tuesday, 4 May 2010

2nd May - a trip to the cinema

A wet and windy day on Sunday, with the prospect of not a lot happening on the horizon, so we had a spur of the moment trip to the cinema to see Iron Man 2.

And most (surprisingly!) enjoyable it was too!

I think these jeans are a little bit short to be wearing with any kind of heels (and these cowboys boots are about the nearest thing to flats I have, except my converse and flip flops - oh, and of course my newly black pumps!). I'm in a quandry, particularly after the comment about my new trousers being too short for heels - I already buy "long" length in Next, and I really don't think I qualify (at 5ft 6) for buying "Tall", which would drag along the ground, so what do I do?

Jeans, Boots: Next
Pink T-shirt, Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Scarf: Matalan


Anonymous said...

I think your trouser length is fine both in these and the grey trousers - which I love by the way :)

Anonymous said...

That was me by the way - Sebbie

Anonymous said...

I always buy longer trousers and have them tailored to my perfect length, costs about a tenner to have it done professionally and well worth it. In fact, I have loads of my clothes altered to fit me perfectly.

SHOEGAL said...

Next's Tall trousers are about a 38" inside leg - perfect for me but probably not so good for you. Don't they still do their Extra Long length they used to do?