Tuesday, 4 May 2010

4th May - double dull, dull, dull

Working from home today as Kira has an INSET day (oh, and a poling day on Thursday, mutter, mutter, mutter), so I was looking for a comfy, casual and warm look today. I also wanted stylish, but failed, miserably!

I like the idea of this t-shirt, but I don't think it works for me. I don't know if it's the flippy sleeves, or the general undefinedness around my middle, which, we all know, needs some help in the definedness stakes at the best of times, or the colour, or a mixture of all 3 issues. Anyway, I think when I go to bed tonight this green t-shirt will be going straight into the charity shop bag.

Unless...... one of you wants it! It's a Next size 10, and I am more than happy to stick it in a jiffy envelope and pop it in the post to you if you've got a figure that it'll work for! Let me know!

T-shirt and Jeans: Next
Black Top: Dorothy Perkins

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Not sure if I like the top either - the colour is not right for you.

The cut is cute though!