Saturday, 8 May 2010

8th May - A Visit to my Granny!

Today me and the girls were visiting my wonderful Granny Mick, who is sadly not as with it as she once was.

This beautiful Rennie Mackintosh necklet used to belong to her before she passed it down to my Mum, who very kindly passed it straight to me as she wasn't likely to ever wear it. I'm not sure of the full history of it - it's no antique, but I believe my Gran's second husband Bill gave it to her (they married when she was 81 and he was 85, and they had 5 very happy years together, until Bill died just over 10 years ago). I thought I wear it today so she could tell me a bit about it, but unfortunately she didn't even recognise it as being hers today. I will try and ask her about it again next time I see her, as she has days when she remembers more than others, or I will ask my Mum, who probably knows about it anyway!

Tank and Shoes: Sainsburys
Top: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Next

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