Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Somethings were just meant to be......

On Thursday last week I saw these shoes in Sainsburys. Now I'm a well known sucker for what I call "cute shoes" and what other people may call "granny shoes" (Kira famously, when she was about 4, commented on such a pair of shoes, saying "I like those Mummy, they are like old fashioned sofa shoes"!). I am also a sucker for red shoes, and I haven't got a pair at the moment (unless you count my red converse, which aren't really shoes!).

I didn't buy them at the time, I'd wondered around the shop umming and ahhing, and decided that I didn't need them, and despite the half price price tag, I wasn't going to buy them.

I thought about these red shoes all weekend.

Today I had to go back to Sainsburys to collect my shoes that had needed reheeling on Thursday, and on the way there I decided that I would take a look at the shoe section, and if the red shoes were still there in my size, it was obviously meant to be, and I would buy them - I'm such a dare devil!

They still had them, they still had them in my size - it was meant to be!

Imagine my excitment when I found the already half price price tag had been further cut!

From £25 originally, to £12.50, then today down to £7.50! These shoes had my name on them!

I was chatting to the cashier (who we still affectionately call "the pay lady" in our house, another Kira-ism"!) and she said she had literally only just reduced them to £7.50, and she had done them earlier than she was planning on doing the shoes, just on a whim! She must have known I was coming.

And look how excited I look about them!

Sad eh?!

And that is the (rather long and dull) tale of how I came to be the owner of these lovely red old fashioned sofa shoes :-)


Lucie said...

I have a thing for red shoes too and I love Mary Janes as well. I've got a pair of red high heeled Mary Janes and a pair of red flat ones, love them both. And red converse. Are we the same person??? lol

Lucie said...

And I forgot to say I love your new shoes. :-)

cindy kay said...

Those are cute shoes. And getting stuff for so cheap is Fun Fun Fun!