Wednesday, 16 June 2010

16th June - Turquoise and Pattern - and another tucked/untucked example

This skirt actually fits me better than my last "tucked/untucked" example!

Would you tuck, or not? (you can see my views on the matter, lol!)

I took the white vest off after taking the photo, as I just felt too bulky, and my midriff smoothed out significantly!

T-shirt: Matalan
Skirt and Sheila Shoes: Tesco


CarolAnn said...

Hey Tat!

I can see what you mean - the skirt hits you up a bit higher than I would like for the tucked look. Still, I prefer it over un-tucked.

Please take this with all the love and support it's intended with (a lot!) - - is your back okay? Is there something physical that prevents you from standing up straight?

Great posture is something that can improve anyone's look (the way clothing fits and hangs, the proportions of your body), presence, and even confidence. It's also something I practice every day.


Sheila said...

I would like it untucked, but about 2-3 inches shorter. Can you fold it up or ruche it a bit?

The alternative: tucked in, but with a wide belt to lower your waistline (like the one you wore yesterday).

Alecia said...

like color combo- try adding a thrid color other than white- maybe a punch of yellow for a change- don't recall you wearing yellow - why I sugg it over pink or red- which I have seen you in.

agree skirt hits too high and tooooooo close to your girls- making them look droopy- i have issues with mine doing that when skirt is too high- wide belt disguising higher waistband might help or simply wearing untucked and not pulled straight down- maybe add a long necklace or scarf to elongate even further-maybe where yellow could come in.

nerines said...

God your brave!! I love that! I think you look lovely in all your shots, admittedly it was just a brief squiz through. If I dressed more like you though my mother would be so incredibly proud! Unfortunately for her there's way to much rebel in me. xo :-)

style underdog said...

Yes, you look much better in the higher waisted items. The untuck doesn't work for your body. I bet if you add a belt it would give the skirt an illusion of not hitting you THAT high.

Oh, ok. Just read Sheila's comment. I agree.