Thursday, 17 June 2010

17th June - You Speak, I Listen!

Yesterday I got a number of comments on my post.

CarolAnn respectfully asked me "is your back okay? Is there something physical that prevents you from standing up straight?" - Nope CarolAnn, nothing wrong with my back, just slouchy. Today I have made a proper effort to stand up straight - and I feel a bit self-conscious!

Sheila made some very valid and valuable comments, as always - I need to look out some shorter length t-shirts! (sorry, I'm just not ready to tuck!)

Alecia suggested adding a "punch of yellow, for a change". Yellow is not a colour I ever wear. I would not look good in yellow, so initally I decided to disregard this comment. This morning I had this outfit on with a bright pink skinny belt, and Kira, my adorable (ahem!) 10 year old said "I've got a belt just like that, but yellow, it came with my jeans - but it's too big for me" - well, the seed was sown. She brought it down for me, and there you go - I'm wearing yellow! Thank you Alecia!

And Nerines suggested I was brave, looked lovely, and her mother would be so proud of her if she dressed more like me. Erm, thank you, I think ;-)

And finally, while I'm doing "shout-outs", today's outfit was very much inspired by Style Underdog, and her "too sexy skirt" :-)

A slightly random shot with the foot up today. In case you were thinking I'm being more bonkers than normal, there is a reason! My new lipstick (did you notice the difference? no, well, good - I've been searching to find an exact replica of my current shade, and yesterday did just that in Marks and Spencers!) is called "Flamingo" - so I'm posing like a flamingo! (kinda!)

Dress, Shoes and Cardi: Tesco
Belt: "gifted" lol!


CarolAnn said...

Wow! Tat, you look incredible!!

The belt looks ridiculously awesome with that dress, and it's in just the right spot. The proportions are amazing, and you just look great!!

If you feel self-conscious about standing up straight, it's just because it's not what you're used to doing. Please, please, please continue deciding to have great posture because WOW. You really look incredible.

And I dig the photo with the leg up. It's fun!


Sheila said...

You look amazing, Tat! What a difference posture makes! That was one of the biggest things I learned from my own blog: stand up straight!

I love this dress, the yellow belt (and hey, you don't know if a colour will suit you until you try it!) and above all, your lovely straight posture! Keep it up!

nerines said...

lol, yes it is a compliment:)I have a knack for making great out fits look entirely not that! She would also love for me to have a hairstyle very much like yours, 'cos I did one hundred years ago and she really liked it, but now I would look like a pin head atop a balloon!! Love the leopard print very spunky. xo

style underdog said...

Wow! You are doing the leopard print so well. I pass the song onto you..."so sexy it hurts!"

Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be back.

Alecia said...

looks great- like the added yellow-to bring more yellow in and not directly against your face- a necklace would be a nice touch and tie the belt in nicely or a yellow bag- I understand about not wearing certain colors- but do find that sometimes those particular colors are great for complements to other colors- aqua and yellow, yellow and orange, green and yellow- you get the idea.

I am not fond of olive close to my face or in large doses- but do like it on my bottom half or in my access.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all - if I look good today it's thanks to you guys, and that's what this blog is absolutely all about :-)

please keep commenting - and maybe I'll get there in the end ;-)