Friday, 18 June 2010

18th June - Footless Tights for Work

Well, today I finally plucked up the courage and stuck a pair of footless tights on, and wore them (gasp!) to work!

Please remember that my colleagues tend to wear a standard "uniform" of black trousers, comfy shoes and v-neck jumpers - I am pretty much "out there" as far as work-wear goes in my office!

I tried on a couple of skinny belts (a pink one, and the yellow one from yesterday) before settling on the wide black one - the additional colour just added too many dimensions - I think this dress is crazy enough on the eyes without adding more than one extra colour!

Don't forget to scroll down and have quick vote to help my Mum decide what to wear to my cousin's wedding next month - I know what I think - but even then I'm relatively undecided!

And can you tell I'm trying to stand up straight, but do something a bit more interesting with my poses?!

Dress: Tesco
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Next
Cardi: Sainsburys
Footless Tights: H&M


CarolAnn said...

Love the outfit, love the poses!

You're right, the bold pattern and one color is enough wow for this outfit. It looks great!


nerines said...

This looks terrific! The tights do add fun. I'm sure I saw other photo's of you in footless tights and thought they also worked very well.
You know I got to thinking (scary) and thought someday I will try to be brave and invite you over to rate my out fit. xo

style underdog said...

I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog. This is fun rating your outfits. The third photo is very cute.

Sheila said...

Good call on the black belt.

I can see the difference in your posture - looks much better!