Monday, 21 June 2010

21st June - playing with proportions

After Sheila's advice last week, I tried turning up the bottom of my t-shirt today to make it a bit shorter.

Apart from not being particularly happy about the bulk it added around my tummy, I quite liked the length! What do you think?

Shoes and Skirt: Tesco
T-Shirt: Peacocks
Cardi: Next


cindy kay said...

Yes, I like it; it's a nice proportion on you.

CarolAnn said...

I like the length! Shorter is better on you.

Here's something to think about: I've noticed that you play a lot with harsh neutrals (black, white) and bright-bright colors. I've recently embarked on a journey myself to visit the softer side of color. Join me!

Look for softer neutrals, and softer colors in general. I love plum, pine, rust... I even have a cami that I call "dirt" colored. It's like a medium gray-brown, and it goes really nicely with a lot of things, because it's a really soft neutral.

You look great! Keep having fun!


Sheila said...

The length is awesome! It really makes a difference to your proportions.

And I love seeing you in some colour! So pretty!

SHOEGAL said...

A full(ish) skirt like that need a shorter length top (or a tucked in top) so you don't lose the fullness of the skirt when it is crushed under a long straight top. Have you thought about tucking in and adding a belt?

I do like this colour combination.

Kiki said...

I love the color combo. I just may have to drag my white skirt out and give her a try.