Tuesday, 22 June 2010

22nd June - After Work

It's a beautiful, warm day here today, so I dug out my bargain Bench crops from last summer.

Vest: Tesco
Crops: Bench
Flip-flops: Reef


CarolAnn said...

Wow! Did you just rework your blog?? Either you did and it looks great, or I've not been paying near enough attention!!

Oh right, the outfit. It looks great! Super simple, cool, flattering. Great job!


Anonymous said...

I just did it CarolAnn! I've done it twice this evening - did you catch it with the red/white/blue background (which it was, very briefly!), or in it's current blue-sky format?

CarolAnn said...

I saw it with the red white and blue! I like the sky background too. Both are awesome!