Wednesday, 23 June 2010

23rd June - Black Linen, White Cotton, and Petunias!

A rather dull outfit today as I was an Assessor on an assessment centre, and I wasn't sure whether it would be air conditioned or not! To detract from the dull outfit, I have included a gratuitous shot of my pots, preparing for "a riot of summer colour" - unless I manage to kill them all off as normal!

Please don't forget to vote on my Mum's wedding outfit, if you've not already done so - the vote is pretty decisive, but she's still waivering!

Shirt, Trousers, Sandals: Next
Necklace: Sainsburys


Cathie said...

I like the necklace.

Sheila said...

Coloured shoes would have been nice with this outfit. That top fits you really well - and it's a great length.

A word of advice: you need a beige bra. When you wear a white bra under a white shirt, you get what is known as "The White Triangles of Death". :-D

I don't even own a white bra - they really don't have much use - skin tone is always better.

Your flowers are lovely!

Anonymous said...

The blouse is very cute (love the empire seam) Love the necklace, too.

I second what Sheila said about the show through. Figleaves makes every size you can imagine. In a very wide range of flesh tone/beige colors.