Tuesday, 22 June 2010

22nd June - A Dash of Red!

A few people have mentioned wearing this dress with a "pop" of colour, so today I was brave and "popped" on my red belt, and a selection of red bangles, and my red lipstick!

Dress: Very.co.uk
Belt and Shoes: Tesco


Sheila said...

Very nice! Don't be afraid to try any other saturated colour with this too.

nurmisur said...

Very nice pop of color.I really really like it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both :D

CarolAnn said...

Love the pop of color.

How to level up from here: add a third color - not necessarily another bright (could be, though) - in the accessories.

I used to be obsessed with two-color palettes - to the point where I would just alternate two colors (usually black and red) in an outfit, ignoring all other possibilities.

Now, I like to incorporate more than one color and one neutral, in order to create a little more interest in an outfit.

Maybe next time you wear this dress you could show us what it looks like with the sleeve folded up - so it looks like a sleeveless dress. I'd like to see if that adds some emphasis to your chest (in a good way)!