Friday, 18 June 2010

Guest Post! Help My Mum Decide!

My Mother has a predicament!

In the middle of July she is going to her nephew's (my cousin's) Wedding (sadly we are away - I could have done with an excuse to dress up!), and she has 2 potential outfits. She has a hat with a cream brim, black crown and a black and cream flower to wear on her head.

Which would outfit you choose?

What should she wear?
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nerines said...

I really like her in both, but my eye was immediately drawn to the stripes, really like the red accessories. xo

nerines said...

and that little cardi looks great, too:-)

Sheila said...

Stripey! The length is much more flattering on her, as is the cut.

I want to see a picture of that hat!