Monday, 12 July 2010

12th July - Saying goodbye for a while !

This will be my last post for a while - I'll be taking some photos during my absence, and will do a big catch up sometime at the beginning of August!

Today's outfit looks a bit random in these photos, but they dress does have yellow and purple in the pattern, honest guv! (Sheila, are you proud of me not going mitchy matchy!) After reviewing the pictures I pulled the sleeves on the cardi up, as they are too short!

This dress is really strange - it looks entirely frumpy, until you put heels on with it!

I've also got a slightly different haircut - with my asymmetric fringe, which I'm not sure how long it's going to last - I'm terrible about having hair in my face, and even this little bit over my left eye is annoying me!

So, adieu my friends, play nicely, and I'll be back soon :-)

Dress: Very
Shoes and Cardi: Ebay
Belt: Dorothy Perkins

Saturday, 10 July 2010

9th July - Not So Mellow Yellow

I had a couple of parcels arrive from ebay yesterday!

First was my replacement yellow belt - which is a fantastic colour, and amazing quality thick leather - and just £5.50 (including P&P) from Brilliant Belts. They do a huge range of colours, and now I've seen the quality I will be going back to order more!

The second parcel was these shoes! They are more mustardy than I would have chosen (the photo on ebay was a bit dark! but to be fair the description did say "mustard yellow shoes" lol), but for only £2.99 I can live with that! They are also leather, never worn, from new look.

I had an important meeting at work today, and I felt fierce in this outfit!

Dress: Tesco
Cardi: Matalan
Shoes: Ebay

8th July - Empire Line and Red

I didn't have much happening at work today, just a day trying to sort out stuff in the office, so I went with the dress and footless tights.

As it happens the belt proved rather high maintenance around the back, trying to keep it up over the ruffles of the dress, so, in actuality, I only wore this outfit as pictured for about an hour before I got thoroughly bored with the belt and retired it to my handbag!

Dress: TKMaxx
Belt: Tesco
Shoes: Next

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

7th July - It's a bit breezy!

It was a bit blowy in the garden this morning!

Not entirely convinced about the green shoes, but it was green or black, so I thought why not go for the burst of colour!

It was suggested that I get a nude bra, to avoid the white "triangles of death" - I've tried, but failed so far, to find a nude bra that doesn't give me "4-boob", which is a far greater sin in my book than "triangles of death" - I am still working on it though!

Shoes: New Look (gifted)
Skirt: Sainsburys (shortened)
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Cardi: Matalan

6th July - after work

I got home from work and changed out the pink skirt for these black boyfriend style linen mix jean cut trousers (that's not a snappy description is it!), changed the neck attire, and suddenly I felt much more "me".

This is such a versatile necklace! I wore it on Saturday night and it was purple, today it is turquoise, and I think it will quite easily adapt to being pink too!

Trousers and Cardi: Next
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins
Necklace: TKMaxx

6th July - Not Feeling the Love!

I was not feeling this today. I think I have found my style, and this is perhaps not it. Can anyone suggest a way of wearing this skirt, or shall I just pass it on to my Mum?!

Even Dot, the cat, was wondering what I was up to!

Skirt, Cardi and Beads: Next
Shoes: Tesco
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Guest Post - Maxi Dress

Here is my lovely 14 year old R!

She has recently started to receive a monthly allowance, which is hers to spend as she wishes, on the proviso that I am only to buy her anything she needs for school, and everything else she wants/needs to spend comes out of that allowance.

This dress was her very first purchase! She's been hankering after a maxi dress for a couple of months, and she hit ebay! This was her ready for a shopping trip on Saturday morning. She was particularly chuffed as someone stopped her in a shop and asked her where she'd got it from :-)

What amazes me is that this is how she spends 8 hours a week - she is an Air Cadet - she looks a bit pensive here (this was Friday night - about 12 hours before she became a vision in green and daisies!) as she was being shown how to get over a 12 foot wall at an army assault course! She is essentially a very girlie girl, but she loves air cadets!

And much as it pains me to show you this photo (no glasses, no make up!) I just wanted to show you the height difference - yes, she is now taller than me (I'm 5 foot 6), and she's still growing rapidly. She also has her S's "easy tan" skin, and braces, which is why she refuses to smile properly for photos at the moment!

Monday, 5 July 2010

5th July - Paddling Pool Inspired!

I bought this pink cardi about 2 weeks ago, but up until today it's simply been too warm here to wear it. Today the temperature has dropped down to a maximu of 21, so I grabbed the opportunity to wear it, as it's due to warm up again towards the end of the week.

It was while I was going back indoors that I noticed our paddling pool drying upside down on a garden chair, and recognised the colour scheme!

Trousers, Blouse, Belt: Next
Shoes: Sainsburys
Bangle: Ebay
Cardi: Matalan

Sunday, 4 July 2010

3rd July - Special Night Out

Last night we finally had S's 40th Birthday meal out! 14 of us met up at our local fabulous, rather post, chinese restaurant.

Half way through the afternoon I had one of those "what am I going to wear" moments, and ran through my options with Steve - luckily he agreed somewhat with me, and sent me shopping!

I hit the shops with a plan to get something I could imagine Sheila in as she has some fantastic "special" evening outfits :-) I drew a blank in Next, so popped into TKMaxx, and took 12 dresses into the changing room!

I gradually narrowed it down to 2, and finally settled on this one - partly due to the fabulous colour (the other option was black, with silver embroidered flowers), and partly due to the £16.99 price tag :D - not bad for a silk dress, I thought!

I've had to put it back on this morning and take some more photos for you, as I was rather, shall we say, less than entirely sober last night, so the photos weren't that great!

We did have a fantastic evening, and I felt suitably glam :-) (Even if I was greeted by one of my friend's husbands saying "you look fabulous, very cadbury"! lol!)

Just one more photo to share with you to show you how floaty it is, and becuase I made myself completely dizzy taking it!

Dress and Necklace: TKMaxx
Shoes: Tesco

Friday, 2 July 2010

The end of my challenge week!

So here is a summary post of my self imposed challenge!

As a couple of you have guessed, I was re-using something from the previous day's outfit the following day! Can you tell I ran out of steam at the end of the week!

The green shoes did Monday and Tuesday, the yellow belt did Tuesday and Wednesday, the black shoes did Wednesday and Thursday, and finally, and least noticeably, the red, silver and black bangles did Thursday and Friday. It was supposed to be the red belt doing Thursday and Friday, but it didn't sit right on top of the white blouse!

I hope you've enjoyed my week of (no so much!) intrigue! Why not vote below for your favourite outfit of the week!

Which do you prefer?
Green and Floral?
Black, yellow and green?
Spots and yellow?
Black and white?
Pattern and red? free polls

2nd July - repeated pop of red

I've worn this outfit before, but without the cardi.

Today was the last day of my self imposed challenge - and two people worked it out yesterday! It was a bit tenuous, but I'll sum it up shortly and you'll see what I was up to!

Cardi: Matalan
Belt and Shoes: Tesco
Bangles: Sainsburys

Total cost: £32

Thursday, 1 July 2010

1st July - black and white

This wasn't exactly the outfit I was going to wear today, but I wasn't thinking about my wardrobe when I painted my nails last night, so this morning I had to plan my outfit around my bright red nails!

My self imposed challenge continues today - and nobody has guessed it yet! Your ideas are all WAY better than the truth though - I'll have to try out some other ideas in the future!

Skirt: Tesco
Blouse and Belt: Next
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins
Bangles: Sainsburys