Monday, 12 July 2010

12th July - Saying goodbye for a while !

This will be my last post for a while - I'll be taking some photos during my absence, and will do a big catch up sometime at the beginning of August!

Today's outfit looks a bit random in these photos, but they dress does have yellow and purple in the pattern, honest guv! (Sheila, are you proud of me not going mitchy matchy!) After reviewing the pictures I pulled the sleeves on the cardi up, as they are too short!

This dress is really strange - it looks entirely frumpy, until you put heels on with it!

I've also got a slightly different haircut - with my asymmetric fringe, which I'm not sure how long it's going to last - I'm terrible about having hair in my face, and even this little bit over my left eye is annoying me!

So, adieu my friends, play nicely, and I'll be back soon :-)

Dress: Very
Shoes and Cardi: Ebay
Belt: Dorothy Perkins


Sheila said...

I'm so proud of you, Tat! This is an awesome outfit! I really love the yellow and purple as the accent colours - well done!

I think your hair looks really chic like that.

Enjoy your holiday! See you when you get back. :)

style underdog said...

Hey Tat. Have a great holiday. Loving what I'm seeing! See you when you get back. Enjoy the holiday reads.

I hope you own a leather jacket. You will need it for the L. Salander dress up day. :)

Alecia said...

great accent colors- i like your hair cut this way.

see you after the break- have a good time.