Sunday, 4 July 2010

3rd July - Special Night Out

Last night we finally had S's 40th Birthday meal out! 14 of us met up at our local fabulous, rather post, chinese restaurant.

Half way through the afternoon I had one of those "what am I going to wear" moments, and ran through my options with Steve - luckily he agreed somewhat with me, and sent me shopping!

I hit the shops with a plan to get something I could imagine Sheila in as she has some fantastic "special" evening outfits :-) I drew a blank in Next, so popped into TKMaxx, and took 12 dresses into the changing room!

I gradually narrowed it down to 2, and finally settled on this one - partly due to the fabulous colour (the other option was black, with silver embroidered flowers), and partly due to the £16.99 price tag :D - not bad for a silk dress, I thought!

I've had to put it back on this morning and take some more photos for you, as I was rather, shall we say, less than entirely sober last night, so the photos weren't that great!

We did have a fantastic evening, and I felt suitably glam :-) (Even if I was greeted by one of my friend's husbands saying "you look fabulous, very cadbury"! lol!)

Just one more photo to share with you to show you how floaty it is, and becuase I made myself completely dizzy taking it!

Dress and Necklace: TKMaxx
Shoes: Tesco


Sheila said...

What a fabulous dress! Wow! You look amazing, Tat!

Love the action shot!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sheila - inspired by you - and I was wearing my "Sheila Shoes" lol!

The action shot: I had the camera on a 10 second timer with the action shot, and twirled for the whole 10 seconds, and boy was I dizzy!