Monday, 5 July 2010

5th July - Paddling Pool Inspired!

I bought this pink cardi about 2 weeks ago, but up until today it's simply been too warm here to wear it. Today the temperature has dropped down to a maximu of 21, so I grabbed the opportunity to wear it, as it's due to warm up again towards the end of the week.

It was while I was going back indoors that I noticed our paddling pool drying upside down on a garden chair, and recognised the colour scheme!

Trousers, Blouse, Belt: Next
Shoes: Sainsburys
Bangle: Ebay
Cardi: Matalan


Sheila said...

Very pretty! This is a good shade of pink for you.

Anonymous said...

I really like the pink with the grey trousers.


Cat said...

Hi Tat. I've been reading for a while (loved your challenge week - you look amazing in those belted dresses), so I thought I'd introduce myself with a compliment: that pink looks really lovely on you :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you ladies - someone has borrowed my "colour bible" (my Colour me Confident book!), so I had to guess at the pink, but I think it looks ok!

Welcome Cat - thanks for commenting :-)

style underdog said...

Hey Tat,
You look terrific in the week round-up, especially the last three looks! I left you a comment on my blog but in case you don't read it, hurry and read the books so you can join on our non officeal Lisbeth dress-up day!
I'm digging the purple dress too.

Anonymous said...

Hey SU - I did read the message, but I'm away for a while with my books - can we delay the dress up day until August? If not I'll just join in (what am I committing to - I've no idea what this woman wears!) later! Sheila - take a look at Style Underdog's blog if you don't already - great stuff which I think you'll appreciate :-)