Saturday, 10 July 2010

9th July - Not So Mellow Yellow

I had a couple of parcels arrive from ebay yesterday!

First was my replacement yellow belt - which is a fantastic colour, and amazing quality thick leather - and just £5.50 (including P&P) from Brilliant Belts. They do a huge range of colours, and now I've seen the quality I will be going back to order more!

The second parcel was these shoes! They are more mustardy than I would have chosen (the photo on ebay was a bit dark! but to be fair the description did say "mustard yellow shoes" lol), but for only £2.99 I can live with that! They are also leather, never worn, from new look.

I had an important meeting at work today, and I felt fierce in this outfit!

Dress: Tesco
Cardi: Matalan
Shoes: Ebay


Sheila said...

What a killer outfit! Rowr! You look like you could take on the world, Tat!

Love the belt and shoes - now, don't get locked into always wearing them together. ;)

Alecia said...

I can see the confidence in your poses-like what sheila had to say about not always wearing the yellows together. maybe try adding some textures in and some color around your face- any access to brooches/pins scarves??

I can relate to what you have gone through=like you & sheila- lost around 30 lbs over 2 years ago and had to relearn how to dress to suit my new shape.
also in my early 40's- I applaud your hard earned figure and desire to flatter it.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, and think it suits your figure perfectly. Congrats on the weightloss!

I'm personally not one matching belts/footwear/etc. I think a chic way of wearing this dress could be with a camel oversized blazer (something lightweight, like Dries Van Noten) or nothing at all.

And for footwear, I'd go with a really strong black heel that has a cool design element (check out They also have a great Proenza Schoeler clutch that would be a perfect accessory.

I'd keep it simple since the dress speaks for itself. :)