Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Guest Post - Maxi Dress

Here is my lovely 14 year old R!

She has recently started to receive a monthly allowance, which is hers to spend as she wishes, on the proviso that I am only to buy her anything she needs for school, and everything else she wants/needs to spend comes out of that allowance.

This dress was her very first purchase! She's been hankering after a maxi dress for a couple of months, and she hit ebay! This was her ready for a shopping trip on Saturday morning. She was particularly chuffed as someone stopped her in a shop and asked her where she'd got it from :-)

What amazes me is that this is how she spends 8 hours a week - she is an Air Cadet - she looks a bit pensive here (this was Friday night - about 12 hours before she became a vision in green and daisies!) as she was being shown how to get over a 12 foot wall at an army assault course! She is essentially a very girlie girl, but she loves air cadets!

And much as it pains me to show you this photo (no glasses, no make up!) I just wanted to show you the height difference - yes, she is now taller than me (I'm 5 foot 6), and she's still growing rapidly. She also has her S's "easy tan" skin, and braces, which is why she refuses to smile properly for photos at the moment!


Melissa said...

I love her maxi dress! She looks beautiful in that outfit and you two are adorable together! Great mom/daughter picture (even without make-up and glasses, you look cute!)

Sheila said...

That's an awesome maxi dress! And what a beautiful daughter you have, Tat. She looks strong and confident in her camo, too.

Love the picture of you two. :)