Wednesday, 7 July 2010

6th July - Not Feeling the Love!

I was not feeling this today. I think I have found my style, and this is perhaps not it. Can anyone suggest a way of wearing this skirt, or shall I just pass it on to my Mum?!

Even Dot, the cat, was wondering what I was up to!

Skirt, Cardi and Beads: Next
Shoes: Tesco
T-shirt: Dorothy Perkins


Jennifer said...

I like the skirt, but I think it needs wearing with flats that aren't the same colour, and without the blue cardy - it's a lot of strong colour all on it's own so stick to one colour to match it with. BUT = if it doesn't feel like you, then dump it, cos you won't look right in it if you don't feel right in it :)

Melissa said...

I love the outfit, I think you look great.

My suggestions:

*Try belting the cardigan to cinch your waist (you have such a little waist!).
*Try hiking the skirt up over your chest to make it a little sundress and throw a belt on. (I'm big into belting, can you tell?)
*I agree with Jennifer, try wearing nude colored sandals instead of matching shoes to the dress.

That's all I can think of right now! It's such a great color, I hope you don't have to give it away!

Sheila said...

Ooh, I like Melissa's idea of wearing it like a dress!

I like the skirt too - sometimes you just need a long skirt to hide everything and be all floaty.

Cat said...

I would never normally think to wear a skirt as a dress - what a great idea! I also agree that if you've done your best and you're just not feeling you then it's best to pass it along.

I too like the skirt, but agree that it needs non-matching flats and fewer colours fighting as it's so strong itself. What about trying for a tank top in a less stark neutral than the black, to wind the contrast down a bit? Charcoal, or even certain very dark purple/aubergine shades (as long as they tone well, obviously!) with one of your fab long beaded necklaces might pull the whole thing together a little more.

Cathie said...

The skirt is too long for my tastes. Also, the color blocking effect is a bit bold for me. But it is colorful and summery.